Please see the below video and instructions for installation procedure for AMERIGLO iron sights with the AMERIGLO sight pusher tool. Professional Installation is recommended.

The AMERIGLO® GLOCK Sight Installation Kit allows easy installation of AMERIGLO® sights on GLOCK pistols. Before AMERIGLO® sights can be installed, the slide must be disassembled from the firearm. Please follow the instructions in the GLOCK owner’s manual for slide removal. 


  1. The old sight should be removed using the sight pusher tool. . Turn the handle on the sight pusher tool until the block, which will fit over the sight, is roughly centered in the opening. Loosen the clamping plate using the knurled knob on the bottom of the tool. Hold the tool so that the handle is to the right and the clamping plate is on the bottom. Insert the slide into the tool from the rear face of the tool. If the rear sight does not line up with the removal block, adjust with the handle as required. The clamping plate should slide into the slide guides at its base. You should now be looking at the rear of the slide, as if from the shooter’s perspective, with the AMERIGLO® logo facing you. Once the slide is positioned, clamp it in place using the knob. Then turn the handle in a counterclockwise direction to remove the rear sight blade.

  2. Remove the slide from the pusher tool by loosening the clamp.

  3. Start the new rear sight by hand inserting it from the right side when looking from the shooter’s position. Push it in by hand before using the sight pusher tool. Only push it in by hand as far as you can so that it remains square with the slide. Make sure that it is sitting flat in the slide.

  4. Re-insert the slide into the sight pusher tool. It may be necessary to turn the handle further in a clockwise direction to fit the sight into the sight pusher block. After the sight is in the middle of the pusher block, clamp the slide down in the tool. Turn the handle clockwise to move the sight to the center of the slide.

  5. After the sight is correctly positioned, back off the sight pusher block slightly so that it is disengaged from the sight. Then loosen the clamp and remove the slide from the tool.


  1.  Remove the old front sight.

  2.  Remove the screw from the AMERIGLO® front blade and check to make sure the oval base on the sight fits the oval slot in the Glock slide. Slight pressure may be required to push the sight down into the slot. Make sure that the sight is fully seated and that it is aligned with the slide. Also make sure that the base of the sight does not protrude below the slide.

  3. Once the front sight is in place, it should be held square. Place the screw in AMERIGLO® driver and place a very small drop of Loctite on the end threads of the screw. The amount of Loctite should not be more than will fill the threads. It is important that no excess Loctite remain on the end of the screw. Carefully start the screw from below the slide. Make sure that the front blade is held firmly as final tightening is done and that the screw remains seated squarely in the head. This is the time that it is most likely to rotate off center. The screw should be tightened snugly (wrist-tight, 10 in-lbs) against the bottom of the slide.


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